The Composites Solutions team adds value with its experience acquired while working on projects in many different sectors, bringing a cross disciplinary approach that few companies can claim.

Here are a few projects & references:

  • Proyectos de infusión
  • Proyectos de tooling
  • Otros proyectos


Composite Solutions brings infusión specialist around the World with a proven track of record on many world class reference like the world´s largest boat ever infused in Carbon epoxy:  The Schooner “Doña Fransisca” 172 feet (52 meters) close to 2000 kg of resin infused “one shot” in 1h45 with monolithic areas of 26 mm of carbon fibre due to launch in June 2013.


We work on many tooling projects carefully selecting the materials, adjusting to the limitations of the plug materials and to specifications dictated by the production process that the tool will be subject to.


Tool production process: resin infusion
Part production process: pre-pregs
Comments: 130ºC TG epoxy resin & Vinylester gelcoat compatible with epoxy.


Photo courtesy of King Marine, Valencia

Tool production processe: resin infusion
Part production process: prepregs
Comments: 180ºC TG epoxy resin & Epoxy 180ºC Tg gelcoat


Photo courtesy of Goifiber, Basque Country

Tool production process: wet lay-up
Part production process: 250ºC Acrylic sheets thermoforming
Comments:Aluminum filled epoxy resin & gelcoat


Photo courtesy of Polydis, Romania

Tool production process: wet lay-up
Part production process: 250ºC Solid surface polyester injection
Comments:Aluminum filled epoxy resin & gelcoat


Photo courtesy of Skillful, Galicia


Composites Solutions makes available to its customers the most advanced technology to solve their most diverse demands