Consulting Services

Composites Solutions has build an extensive network of relations with customers and suppliers throughout the World and offers access to this network to its customers via consulting service to help them identify potential manufacturers for composite parts in the 5 continents.

Technical Office

The Technical department of Composite Solutions is formed by a pluridisciplinary team with a diversified experiences brought by chemical engineers and materials engineers. It also counts with external associates experts in specific fields and production processes.

Most of our projects start with the technical office:

·         Identification of the production or application process
·         Selection of the materials
·         Technical support during the first production runs or in tooling construction
·         Technology transfer projects

Commercial Office

Composites Solutions supplies a complete range of resins, fibres, cores and other composite materials via its sales office to composite professional users and manufacturers.

We work with suppliers from the whole world with the guaranty of quality that offers the type of long lasting relations we have build over the years with them.This enables us to supply in any point of the planet the right material for the right application.